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Benefits of Leasing a LEED Certified Building for Corporate Tenants

For any corporate client who is looking for office space on lease, selecting the ideal commercial space is extremely crucial and it requires extensive planning and forethought before they agree and signs on any commercial terms. One of the most important aspects the client needs to consider is whether the building in question is a LEED-certified building. The certification is primarily used to determine whether the building is “green”.

In simple terms, taking a green building on lease is a real-estate opportunity that presents both qualitative and quantitative benefits to everyone: landlords, tenants and not to miss – the environment. So, what are the benefits a corporate client can derive if they chose a green building? Let’s put together some of the top benefits of leasing a LEED-certified building:

1. Better waste Control Management

In many cities in developing countries, the most serious environmental and health problems are related to inadequate solid waste management. Owners of LEED-certified buildings make effective green lease provisions that promote moderate and careful consumption of goods, recycling of waste particularly food and garden waste thereby ensuring eco-friendly and sustainably dispose of as well. Studies show that best practices in waste control can help to avoid wastage by up to 80% or more. Moreover, apart from the corporate tenants being able to significantly reduce waste handling costs, they enjoy a position where they can manage recycled materials also thereby cutting on the occupancy costs.

2. Energy-efficient & reduced utility consumption

One of the important requirements for qualification for a LEED certification is proof of being energy efficient. An energy-efficient building is one that has incorporated effective and easy-to-implement sustainable measures that reduce the cost of water, gas, electricity and HVAC systems. These green measures greatly help to reduce per capita emissions & utility consumption, thereby helping in saving huge costs and improve air quality.

3. Improves Employee Recruitment, Retention and Productivity

Green Buildings are considered by many to be having a safe and highly conducive working environment which helps the companies easily recruit and retain their employees. Even though the benefit derived by companies on their employee’s aspect is at times considered as a “soft” benefit, it still helps in great savings and cost avoidance over the long run.

Studies show that employees in such eco-friendly environments are 5% more productive and with lesser sick days. Since there are many health problems due to uncontrolled environments, productivity tends to fall more often than ever. And so such issues occur rarely with companies operating in LEED-certified buildings.

4. Helps in Boosting Corporate/Brand Image

Apart from the CSR initiatives a company takes pride in, anything extra they do for the environment also becomes an important factor in enhancing the image of the company in front of the investors, stakeholders, employees, customers, government organizations, media, etc. Choosing a LEED-certified building helps the company in creating a special brand for itself thereby creating an impression of its commitment not only to the viability of the company but also to the environment. This gives corporate clients a competitive edge in their respective industries.


According to data collected from various agencies, buildings are responsible for about 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in several developed countries. Consequently, scientists all across have strongly been recommending that measures should be taken to contain human contributors to global warming. So taking a LEED-certified building on lease isn’t just the smartest thing but is a noble thing for corporate tenants to do. Improving workplace sustainability is an excellent opportunity for businesses to do something good not just for their business, but also for the environment and society as a whole.


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