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NRM Corporate Leasing
14th Floor, Building – 5B,
DLF Epitome (Cyber Terraces),
DLF City Phase III,
Gurgaon – 122002


Residential Property Introduction

Choosing which area to move to will often be a confusing and daunting decision for someone relocating to another country. Of course, the city will be usually pre-determined. There may even be a rough idea about which side of the city (geographically), would be preferable. Thereafter, when faced with a choice of various potential areas or neighbourhoods, the process of selecting a residential location can become very overwhelming!

On an individual basis, we consult our clients on their exact requirements and preferences, with regards to the proximity of schools, healthcare facilities, shopping environments, restaurants and nightlife, work commute and all other aspects of their housing environment, so that we can establish exactly what our client expects from their location of choice. Our staff comprises of experts on each of the major cities in India, and they will be happy to provide as much advice and information as it takes to allow our clients to make an informed decision on the best location for them.

Once an appropriate ‘area’ location is established, our next task will be to find you the right home. Our extensive portfolio of top-end properties serves to ensure that we will find the best and most appropriate property to suit your needs. Whatever facilities and amenities you require, whether it’s an inner-city apartment, a condominium in a gated complex or an individual free-standing house in the suburbs, NRM will find you a home that satisfies all of your expectations.



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